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How Often Should You Really Be Washing Your Hair?
Hair Education
How Often Should You Really Be Washing Your Hair?
February 06, 2023
1 min

It’s long been understood that those with textured hair — especially those with thicker hair types — don’t require the same daily cleansing that someone with looser textures does. However, that doesn’t mean that hair should be left unwashed for weeks at a time as has become a common peer-to-peer regimen suggestion for decades.

So where is the balance? While OurX subscribers receive personalized wash instructions and schedules within their personal hair regimens, a best practice across the board for textured hair types is to cleanse the scalp and hair at least once a week.

Ultimately, your exact curl pattern and texture — along with lifestyle preferences and habits — will always play the largest role in determining how frequent and thorough cleanses should be for optimal results. For example, if you’re on the tighter end of the spectrum, your hair is more prone to overt dryness, In which case cleansing your hair more than once a week could result in even drier and frizzier hair. In that case, focusing on hydration in-between wash day becomes key.

On the finer end of the spectrum? Cleansing 1-2 times a week can be helpful in removing oil from the scalp which can quickly lead to irritation and build-up.

Want to finally understand your best wash day schedule? Take the OurX assessment here.

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