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 Show us your healthy hair hack—and win!
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Show us your healthy hair hack—and win!
May 15, 2024
1 min

Show us your healthy hair hack—and win!

Ok, we need to know your healthy hair secret. Join the #ourxhealthyhairchallenge and show off your best healthy hair hack for a chance to win a $1,000 Amazon gift card and a full OurX regimen.

We know you have some amazing healthy hair tips and tricks, but if you need some inspo, you could:

  • Reveal your go-to product that you use to protect your hair
  • Show off a protective hairstyle you love
  • Show off a protective hair routine, like using a sleep bonnet at night
  • Give us your best before and after

Join the challenge

How to enter the challenge

Use our custom audio and #ourxhealthyhairchallenge to post your healthy hair hack video to TikTok or Instagram. The more entries, the better your chance of winning!

Healthy Hair Hack Challenge

Enter for your chance to win

We’re keeping our fingers crossed for you!

Grand prize selected at random: $1,000 Amazon gift card and a full OurX regimen

Runner-up prize selected by the OurX team based on our favorite submitted hack: OurX Healthy Hair Regimen, Canopy filtered showerhead, protective accessories

See the official contest rules. No OurX purchase required.

Healthy Hair Terms and ConditionsHealthy Hair Terms and Conditions


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