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The 101 on OurX Refillable Packaging.
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The 101 on OurX Refillable Packaging.
November 15, 2022
1 min

A system that echoes our regimen-driven POV.

At OurX, it was our goal to innovate across the entire user experience, from first landing on our website to refilling your products, and our packaging system is reflective of that. We kept core non-negotiables at the front of our minds in design, including on sustainability and low waste options, as well as what impacts you at home — from consumer ease to a display worthy look.

The system itself echoes our regimen-driven POV, with every pump, cap, and closure representing dozens of thoughtful choices and never-ending beta tests.

Vessel: The vessel is where you’ll store your products for use, designed to consider not only shower and shelf storage but also for the best hand feel, product delivery, and ease of real-time (in-shower) use. Meant to be reused again and again, the vessel is to be refilled with every pouch and is labeled with a removable band. You can rinse the vessel and put it directly in your dishwater to remove any residue. To recyle, check your local recycling and put the clean vessel directly into your recycling bin

Filling vessel

Pouch: Each formula comes in a pouch that is designed to fill a vessel in a neat and easy way.

See below for a step-by-step visual look at how to use both the OurX pouch and vessel with ease.

Refill Vessel Video![Refill Vessel Video]

  1. Remove vessel cap
  2. Open pouch
  3. Pour product into vessel
  4. Reseal vessel cap

Still have questions? Feel free to reach out to us at info@ourx.com.

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