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Ingredient Deep Dive: AHA’s + BHA’s + Hair
Ingredient Deep Dive: AHA’s + BHA’s + Hair
February 02, 2023
1 min

Welcome to Ingredient Deep Dive — an OurX-led look into the skincare-beloved ingredients that have proven to be just as powerful in the world of haircare. In this article, we dive into the world of AHA’s and BHA’s, and why they were formulated as hero ingredients within our treatment assortment.

Chances are if you stay in the loop on beauty trends and buzzy ingredients, you’ve come across the acronyms AHA and BHA — and have probably heard they’re good for both your skin and hair. But what do these plant-based exfoliants actually do, and why should you care? Let’s get into the basics.

What are AHA’s and BHA’s?

AHA is short alpha-hydroxy acid, which is a type of water-soluble acid most commonly obtained from fruits with a high sugar concentration (think citrus fruits and tomatoes).
Alpha-hydroxy acids are known to: Exfoliate and remove the outer layer of dead skin cells Help encourage smoother, more pliable skin — a huge plus for those with dryer hair and tighter, easily irritated scalp Promote the rate of cell turnover

BHA is short for beta-hydroxy acid, an oil-soluble acid most commonly derived from willow bark and is ideal for oilier skin types. BHAs are known to: Help remove excess dead skin cells from the skin Help remove sebum and unclog pores Reduce inflammation

Aside from being plant-based (and thus viable for those who like to follow clean hair care regimens), both AHA’s and BHA’s are powerful yet gentle when it comes to exfoliation. With that, they’re both known for their ability to help reduce inflammation, exfoliate dead skin cells, and unclog pores.

How do AHA’s and BHA’s support hair specifically?

The exfoliating nature of AHA’s and BHA’s make them a prime candidate to aid in the overall wellbeing of the scalp, and thus hair care — especially when it comes to tightly textured hair that is frequently prone to build up, oil, and dirt.

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