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Ingredient Deep Dive: Squalane + Hair
Ingredient Deep Dive: Squalane + Hair
February 06, 2023
1 min

Welcome to Ingredient Deep Dive — an OurX-led look into the skincare-beloved ingredients that have proven to be just as powerful in the world of haircare. In this article, we dive into the world of Squalane and why its been formulated as a hero ingredient within our treatment assortment.

What is squalane?

A derivative of squalene, squalene is a natural lipid in the skin that’s found in the skin’s natural oil, and as an ingredient, works as a powerful moisturizer.

How does squalane support hair specifically?

While most commonly discussed when talking about skincare, squalane is also an MVP in hair care thanks to the ways in which it coats and lubricates strands, locking in hydration and supporting the overall health of the scalp to boot. Additional benefits include:

  • Increased shine
  • Protection from heat
  • Strengthening hair
  • Smoothness

Is squalane best for any specific hair type?

Squalane’s benefits shine through regardless of hair type, but the ingredient is particularly helpful when it comes to those with damaged or extremely dry-to-brittle hair.

*Where you’ll find squalane within OurX treatments: OurX Detox Cleanser.

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